Introducing Aon Retiree Health Exchange, help you can count on

The world of Medicare can be challenging, especially without someone to guide you along the way.

North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company is passionate about finding new ways to serve our community, especially our seniors. And we understand that healthcare is an important part of securing overall health, financial well-being and lasting peace of mind.

To better serve you, we have partnered with Aon Retiree Health ExchangeTM, a healthcare market leader offering Medicare insurance education, enrollment assistance and advocacy to those who need it.

  • COMPARE PLANS – Depending on where you live, there could be more than 10-20 different plans to meet your needs – across a variety of insurance providers! Get help finding the right plan for you – one that meets both your healthcare needs and budget.
  • PRESCRIPTION COVERAGE – Medicare Part D Presecription Drug coverage helps you pay for prescription durgs that are not covered by Medicare Parts A and B. Make sure you have a plan that covers the medications you need.
  • YOUR DOCTOR IS IN – Do you have a doctor you just can’t be without? Find a plan that lets you keep your preferred doctors and hospitals.

We are proud to offer you access to Aon Retiree Health Exchange! Get started today on your personal journey to finding the health care coverage options that best fit your needs.

Oh, and did we mention – THIS SERVICE IS FREE TO YOU! You only pay for the insurance coverage that you choose.